Doubling the KidSport Program

25 August 2023

Rockingham families can now apply for a $300 KidSport voucher per child to help meet the costs of community sport.

Local sport has always been a big part of my life and I believe that every kid should be able to participate in their favourite sport – no matter their circumstances.

Sport brings people together, it builds community spirit and is a central part of any thriving community.

I am a strong believer in equal access to opportunities, and sport is no exception. Every kid should be able to experience the thrill of playing community sport and belonging to a team. And every parent should be able to watch their kid enjoy that experience.

That’s why we are doubling the value of KidSport vouchers to help cover the costs of participating in sport.

Doubling the KidSport vouchers will enable more kids to get involved in local community sport. The KidSport program has already helped many WA families who are struggling to cover the cost of registering their children and providing essential playing equipment and uniforms.

I welcome to Government's investment in community sports and sensible measures that continue to ease the cost of living of local Rockingham families.

KidSport is open to eligible 5 to 18 year olds. For more information visit