Cape Peron Gets Class A Reserve Status

Cape Peron Gets Class A Reserve Status Main Image

30 August 2023

Cape Peron is a popular coastal haven known for its stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Its windswept cliffs, serene beaches, and thriving ecosystems embody the beauty of our local landscape.

Having grown up enjoying Cape Peron over the years, I know its irreplaceable value as a natural sanctuary and recreational retreat. That is why the Cook Labor Government will grant Cape Peron Class A reserve status, the highest level of environmental protection. Class A is used solely to protect areas of high conservation or high community value.

Preserving Cape Peron isn't just about safeguarding its natural beauty, but also about ensuring future generations can relish the same landscape and cherished memories that I, and many others, have had the privilege to create there.

The community has been asking for a Class A reserve for Cape Peron for decades. Our Government is delivering this.

Stage 1 of the Class A reserve involves approximately 66 per cent of Cape Peron, or approximately 120 hectares, transferring from Class to Class A reserve.

The staged approach to establishing a Class A reserve intends to add extra areas to the Class A reserve once there is greater certainty about future land use and roads, which are subject of current work by Government agencies and the City of Rockingham.

Any new accommodation within the Cape would be low impact, short-stay tourist accommodation in existing cleared areas, e.g. potentially re-using the former RSL caravan park site at Mangles Bay.

The Class A reserve will be receiving the care it deserves, placing it under the management of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

The Class A reserve provides certainty to the Rockingham community. Certainty in knowing that the area will be protected from inappropriate development - moving on from the previous proposal for a marina and permanent residential development to preserving the Cape for generations to come.

The future of Cape Peron has been a longstanding, unresolved issue in the City of Rockingham. Now that this Government is implementing the Working Group's recommendations, certainty is provided to the community whilst ensuring that environmental values are protected and facilities are improved so that Cape Peron can continue to be enjoyed by all.